A new wave of freedom is rolling in

Everything that’s out there is yours for the taking. Add more to your bucket list. Jaw-dropping custom touring style just got cranked up to full throttle.

New Touring motorcycles from Harley-Davidson

A big world opens when you get on a Harley-Davidson® custom touring motorcycle. City streets, country roads and freeways thats cross continents are all on the menu. Along with every cruising strip, watering hole, roadside attraction and epic view there is to see as you roll up the miles. You have more than enough power, comfort and handling to go the distance- from stoplight to twisting road to horizon. You also have the look that puts Harley-Davidson® motorcycles miles apart from any other machine on the road. You’ll know that from the first time a stranger walks up and asks you about your motorcycle or a long-haul driver gives you the nod from the window of a truck you’re blowing by. Go see what’s out there.

2018 Touring lineup from Harley-Davidson


2018 Harley-Davidson® FLHXS Street Glide Special

2018 Harley-Davidson FLHXS Street Glide Special

Want top-end touring technology, infotainment, and unruly stripped-down bagger style? We vote yes.

When it comes to hot rod baggers, the Street Glide Special is way out front. You get tire-smoking power of its blacked-out Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine sitting at the heart of dark finishes that stretch from headlight to exhaust. A new 19-inch Talon front wheel and 18-inch rear wheel. Stretched saddlebags that accentuate the long, low profile of the bike. Blacked-out front forks, handlebars, tank console and exhaust for an aggressive, modern look. And a premium audio system featuring Stage 1 Boom speakers for deep bass and balanced sound. Get on and set the pace.

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2018 Harley-Davidson FLTRXS Road Glide Special

2018 Harley-Davidson FLTRXS Road Glide Special

Blacked-out and loaded with premium features. Fire up the thrill-inducing Milwaukee-Eight® 107 V-Twin engine and you’re in for one hell of a ride.

This one’s for those who want to cut a wider swath. The aggressive looks and ride of the Road Glide Special motorcycle take our most road-devouring machine to an even darker place. Not the blacked-out finishes on the handlebars, wheels, and headers. Right in the middle sits the thrill-inducing torque of the blacked-out Milwaukee-Eight 107 V-Tiwn engine. It’s also loaded with premium features like 19-inch front and 18-inch rear Talon wheels, stretched saddlebags, a painted inner fairing and a Boom! Box 6.5GT Touchscreen Infotainment System. The ride is premium too, thanks to its responsive suspension and Reflex linked Brembo brakes. Fire it up and part the crowd.

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2018 Harley-Davidson® FLHRXS Road King Special

2018 Harley-Davidson FLHRXS Road King Special

Swapping chrome for black and powered by the muscular Milwaukee-Eight® 107 engine, the new Road King Special motorcycle pushes Harley-Davidson’s touring line in a dramatic new styling direction, expressing a contemporary perspective on the classic Road King model.

If you want to know what ruling the road truly feels like, reach for the mini-ape handlebars on the Road King Special motorcycle and send some fuel to its Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine. You get massive power, an incredible ride and a look that will stop traffic. This machine is blacked-out, stripped-down bare muscle rolling on Turbine wheels. There are stretched saddlebags and a black police-style headlight nacelle with a black trim ring. There’s a darker side to our heritage. You’re looking at the king of it.

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