Cali and the 2015 Women’s Summer Collection

Summer is road trip season. So pack your bag with superior gear for each ride and easy clothing for every destination. These items are ready to go, so you can take advantage of every warm day from now ’til fall.

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Like what you see? Our new arrivals go fast, so stop in and get yours now at Classic Harley-Davidson.

Harley-Davidson® Womens Lace Adorned with Button Detail Natural Straw Fedora 97767-15VW
Harley-Davidson® Womens Stars & Stripes Tank 96024-15VW
Harley-Davidson® Womens Crocheted Accented Denim Vest 96022-15VW
Harley-Davidson® Womens Crocheted Accented Denim Shorts 96021-15VW
Harley-Davidson® Women’s Aurora Leather Jacket Vintage Radiant Yellow 97066-15VW
Harley-Davidson® Women’s Skinny Low-Rise Jeans 96115-15VW
Harley-Davidson® Women’s Beaded Skull Tank 96028-15VW
Harley-Davidson® Women’s Amelia Colorblocked Leather Jacket 98072-14VW