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Frank’s A-Z Dinner Ride Challenge

Want to have some Fun? The idea is simple. There’s a list of restaurants to represent each letter of the alphabet. Ride to eat at those restaurants, take a picture of your bike in front of the sign, send it to Frank, and then take home a commemorative patch and have a chance at fabulous prizes.

Frank's A to Z Dinner Ride at Classic Harley-Davidson


So, here are the details.

In order to claim your patch, you’ll need to earn 104 points. You’ll get 4 points for having a picture of your Harley in front of the restaurant’s sign. I’ll need to know that it’s yours, so it would be great if you could be in a few of those pictures as well. You can also earn some bonus points at each location. Earn 1 bonus point by taking a picture of you with your server at the restaurant. Earn another 1 bonus point by taking a picture that makes me laugh hysterically. Earn another 1 bonus point by posting each picture to Facebook and tagging Frank Young and Classic Harley-Davidson. Earn another 1 bonus point for taking a video or going live on Facebook at the location. Keep in mind when taking your pictures that in each picture, I need to be able to tell that it’s you and where you are and that you rode your Harley there. So, use the menu, or stand in front of a sign, or something that let’s me know where you are. This is a contest, some of these pictures are going to be difficult to get. Be creative!!

The challenge starts April 6th, and ends September 30th. Some time in October we will have a VIP party for everyone who participated in the challenge and award the prizes. There’s no entry fee. All you need to play is a way to take pictures and a way to get them to Frank. Facebook is the best way because then you get bonuses. Just friend Frank on Facebook and tag him and the dealership in your posts. You could also text or email your pictures to Frank at 484-769-2744, or Or if you really hate all technology, you can bring the pictures into the dealership and just show them to Frank. If you ask, I will share you a google map with all of the locations on it. I also have a GPX file for your Harley GPS if you ask. Also, find out their hours before you go. I don’t want to be responsible if you starve. And check addresses. Some of the names are common, and you have to go to the one that I have listed.

Points Breakdown

4 Points – Picture of your bike in front of the restaurant’s sign

1 Point – Post the picture to Facebook and tag Frank Young and Classic Harley-Davidson

1 Point – Picture of you with your server in the restaurant

1 Point – Picture from that outing that makes Frank laugh

1 Point – Take a Video or “Go Live” on Facebook at the location


So, if you don’t do any bonuses, you have to ride to each place to get your 104 points. If you get the

maximum of 8 points every time you go, you can earn your patch with only 13 visits. That would also mean

that you made me and the rest of Facebook laugh 13 times, which I’m really looking forward to. During the

course of the contest, other bonus missions will pop up on Facebook for people that follow Frank. Each person

can only win one prize. All prizes will be awarded at the end of the program.

1st Prize – Highest score at the end of the Event

2nd Prize – First person to hit each location

3rd Prize – First person to Hit all 8 states in the contest. (PA, NY, NJ, MD, DE, VA, WV, OH)

4th Prize – First person to 104 points

Possible random prizes throughout the event may be announced on Facebook

Now go grab some grub, be social, be creative, have an adventure, and send me those pictures!

Dinner Ride Locations

Frank's A-Z Dinner Ride Locations

Google Map of the Dinner Ride locations


Printable Rule list and Dinner Locations