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Mini-Stand Down 04/20

Please help support local Veterans and others in need.

Veterans Coalition of Pennsylvania Min Stand Down at City Park

The Mini-Stand Down is a recurring monthly event that takes place on the third Saturday of each month at City Park in Reading PA. It is organized by the Veterans Coalition of Pennsylvania and is designed to serve our Nation’s Heroes and their families, as well as anyone in need.

Veterans Coalition of Pennsylvania Mini-Stand Down at City Park in Reading, PA

Currently seeking Volunteers and Donations.

Interested in Volunteering your time? Call Robin Gilmore at 610-656-0827.

The Mini-Stand Down provides a Hot Meal, Clothing, and more for those in need of it. It is provided by local volunteers and concerned citizens. Please consider donating your time to help out or by making an donation of an item in need. They are currently looking for the following:

Wish List

Women’s Underwear- Sizes 7, 8, & 9 Briefs

Men’s Underwear- Sizes L – 3XL boxers/boxer briefs preferred 

Unisex Scarves

Heavy Winter Gloves

Thermal Tops- Sizes XL – 3XL

Thermal Bottoms- Sizes L – 3XL

Long-Sleeve T-Shirts- Sizes M – 3XL

Sweaters- Sizes L – 3XL

Heavy Winter Coats- Size 4XL

Sweat Pants/Shirts- L – 3XL

Sleeping Bags

Boots- Various Sizes from 9-13

Hot Hands/Toes Warmers

Women’s Tube Socks


Travel Size Shampoo / Conditioner

Travel Size Tissues

Items in Current Excess: Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Feminine Hygiene Products, Large Thermal Tops, Winter Hats

For more in for on the Veterans Coalition of Pennsylvania (VCOP) click HERE.

Follow the Veterans Coalition of Pennsylvania (VCOP) on Facebook HERE.