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For the Do-it-Yourselfer. Check out your Harley before you ride it this year. Take a good look at your tires. Check them for pressure that could have gone down while it was resting for the winter. Check on the sidewalls and between the treads for cracks in the rubber. We recommend Dunlop OEM Tires for your Harley. They have been building tires for Harley-Davidson for the last 30 years! While you are down there, take a look at how much brake pads are left. Take a close look at your drive belt. Always check to make sure you didn’t pick up a stone and weaken it. Also inspect your cables for cracks, and also they should work freely without binding or stiffness. We can help get your ride ready for 2014. Let us help keep you be safe out there!



Ride on over to Classic Harley-Davidson anytime to try out a different seat or windshield for your Harley. If you are riding a Touring H-D and you are not happy with the buffeting or seat comfort, try something different. We have Windsplitter windshields to try for Electra Glide (including 2014 Rushmore) and Road Glide fairings. Ride your bike here and we will change the windshield for you.

314pWe also have a variety of seats to fit late model Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Reach Seats, Sundowner, Tallboy, Road Zeppelin are just a few that you can try on your bike. How would you know if you like it or not if you don’t try it first?

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Spring Open House – Sunday, April 27

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Ride For Life XXVII – May 3rd & 4th

Demo Rides – Saturday, May 17

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