Quick and easy Street Bob Bolt-on Project

That’s Cody on the left. He’s pretty important around here. Nobody is sure what his official title is, but we’re pretty sure if he had one, it would be important. Notice how he is super hard at work. Don’t look at his hand…he likes to play the circle game. If you look at the circle he makes with his fingers, he gets to punch you. This is a legitimate game. He likes to play the game with Mike from our Marketing Dept. That is Mike on the right. Don’t look at his hand either. He’s much better at the circle game than Cody. Mike is taking all the pictures for this except his own of course.
IMG_3427Cody IMG_3429Mike
Cody wanted to do some quick and easy add-ons to a super sweet 2015 Harley-Davidson FXDB Street Bob that we just got in. Like millions of other people, alot of our customers are fans of Sons of Anarchy, and Cody wanted to do an S.O.A. type themed bike for them.. Here is our stock Street Bob.IMG_3389Stock 2015 Harley-Davidson FXDB Street Bob
IMG_3391Back Shot IMG_3392Front Shot
On the left we have the box of goodies we got for this bike. You will see more in a minute. On the right is a sweet Snap-on tool box. It’s Dale’s toolbox (1 of them) and he love’s it.
IMG_3393Boxes of Goodies IMG_3398Snap-on Goodies
Here’s Dale. We almost forgot to introduce him. He’s just one of the many great mechanics in our Service Department. He’s going to be doing the work on the bike.
IMG_3403Dale is holding the tank that he just took off. He took off the tank and seat because we are going to be replacing the stock handle bars with some Wild 1 Chubby’s Psycho Street Fighter bars. We got these bars from our friends at Drag Specialties. We love those guys.
IMG_3394No Bars or Tank IMG_3395No Seat
IMG_3399Getting the Bars in just rightIMG_3401Killer Look!
IMG_3400Final Adjustment IMG_3402Everything’s Finished
Next Dale attached the new 1/4 fairing from Alen Ness. It’s got a smoked Plexiglas windshield and gives the front end a mean, aggressive look. it’s a bolt-on kit and pretty easy to install.
IMG_3406Installing the 1/4 Fairing IMG_3408Adding the Windshield
Next on deck was removing the stock exhaust. We  wanted to go with a Roland Sands 2 Into 1 Slant Stainless Exhaust. It’s got a carbon fiber end cap and gives the bike a really cool look and sound.IMG_3413Removing the stock pipes
IMG_3409Pulling off the MufflersIMG_3415Cody Helping again? IMG_3411Exhaust removalIMG_3416Adding the new Mufflers
We finished the bike with a black Bobber-style Air Cleaner from Harley-Davidson. Here is the finished product.IMG_3420Sweet pipe-side shotIMG_3419Fairing shotIMG_3422Check out that Exhaust!We had a lot of fun with this project. It was pretty simple too. The only real challenge was internally wiring the handle bars. With over 10,000 Parts and Accessories, we can turn your motorcycle into a Custom of One.This bike is for sale. You can see more of it HERE. If you’re interested call our Sales team at 610-916-7777 or stop in today for a Test Ride.