The Custom Kings Street Build Competition

The Custom Kings Street Customization Contest is a battle among U.S. Harley-Davidson® dealers to build the ultimate customized Harley-Davidson® Street motorcycle. Dealers around the country will participate in a build-off and fight for the right to call themselves the first ever U.S. Custom King Champion.


We started with a stock Harley-Davidson® XG750. Here’s a stock photo

2015, XG750, Street, Street 750

Stock is very respectable…but c’mon, this is Custom Kings!

Here is some of the transformation process.

transform1  transform2

transform3  transform4
Wait…did we introduce you to the team?

Pictured from Left to Right:Travis (Crew Chief), Kevin, Cody, & Dave

These guys are passionate about what they do. They were up to the Street Kings challenge. Heck, they live and breathe for this stuff.Here’s more of the build.

tramsform5  transform6

transform7  transform8

There’s a lot going on between now and our big unveiling. Make sure you’re following us on Twitter and Instagram for more sneek peeks. Speaking of the big unveiling… Stop our for our big reveal party on June 19th from the hours of 6-8pm