Winter Riding- what to do and how to have fun doing it

Winter Riding- what to do and how to have fun doing it

Winter Motorcycle Riding

STEP 1:  Proper Motorcycle Preparation 

The basics needs for cold-weather riding include a huge windscreen, and handguards. We like heated grips. There are many available and installation is simple.

(PART  # 56100255)

You should be using a Battery Tender year round but in these cold temperatures it’s crucial.  You don’t want to get geared up only to find a dead battery waiting for you. 

(Part number 66000038)

STEP 2:  Cold Weather Equals Cold Tires

Everyone knows, cold tires equate to limited traction. Riding increases heat in the tire, but even a quick stop can cool the tires down.  Also, make sure you have adequate tread and check your tire pressure.  Call the service department or stop in and get your tire pressure checked for FREE. You can grab a FREE cup of coffee while you’re here.

STEP 3: Wear The Correct Motorcycle Gear

Riding comfortably in cold weather begins with correct gear choice, and it’s all about layering. Base Layers (full leg and full sleeve).  It’s cold outside but we still sweat.  The base layers allow our skin to breath and wick away moisture. 

A zip-up fleece with a neck collar over base layers, usually works. If things get cooler, perhaps add a mid-layer, such as a snug wool button up, but this is rare.  Next is your outer gear; we like heated gear.  If you are going for a long winter ride, Harley-Davidson offers heated jacket, pant and glove liners. A facemask is a nice option as well. Making the right choice on your boot is also important and don’t forget a tightly-sealed helmet with a fog-free faceshield. 

Helmet: 98370-15VM

Jacket Liner: 98346-15VM

Pant Liner: 98384-15VM

Glove Liner 98347-15VM


Facemask: 99405-16VM

4. Things to watch for.

Salt is an enemy to metal and traction. Treat salt like ice; if you see crystalized appearances on the side of the road, stay away. Also remember that those plow trucks destroy roads, causing new cracks able to chew up your rims. While on the subject of salt, remember that salt can create rust so remember to wash your bike. 

There are plenty of great winter rides. Who knows, maybe you want to hop on your bike and head out to Gobbler’s Knob in Punxsutawney, PA??