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2018 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge

2018 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge

2018 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge

The Hoka Hey Motorcyclale Challenge is journey within that begins on JULY 15, 2018 from Medicine Park, OK.  This event will remain entirely within the LOWER 48 STATES and will run nearly 10,000 MILES before heading back to Medicine Park for the finish line. As always the Challenge will culminate with a sensational END OF THE ROAD PARTY which will be held on JULY 28th!!

Embodying the spirit of the traditional vision quest (a deep, inward search for transformation and insight), the trying circumstances of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle  Challenge will force riders to discover their own boundaries of personal strength and to redefine the way they see the world.


2018 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge


The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge takes it back to basics by striping you of the modern conveniences and leaving you to find your way the OLD SCHOOL WAY!!

-Without the assistance of electronic navigation aids

-Sleeping beside your pony whenever and wherever your body demands

-Only the highway and your own thoughts for company

Kevin Blevins, a great customer, Berks H.O.G. Chapter member, and friend of ours- is undertaking the challenge this year on his 2017 Road Glide Ultra.

Beside riding motorcycles Kevin likes restoring old cars and is currently working on a 1929 model A Sport Coop hot rod. The  Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge was a ride he found while searching for long distance rides.  In the begin the 14 day challenge was what attracted him but after meeting some of the riders and learned about the passion and camaraderie they had for the challenge he decided “Okay I really have to do this ride.” He really likes the fact that the finish is really all there is to gain in the challenge, no prizes.

Preparing for the challenge for Kevin is a lot more of what he has been doing except sleeping next to the bike. The idea of not taking a shower for so many days will be a struggle. The comfort level will be different and help with that spiritual part of the journey.

For Pete’s Sake is the nonprofit Kevin will be supporting. They send families of someone with cancer on a vacation to try and help them through those tough times. Working with this group has taught Kevin that “life is short even in the worst of times you need to find ways to get through it.” 

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2018 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge

You can follow Kevin in real time as he makes his way over the 10,000 miles, as well as the journey of the other riders, by clicking HERE. Kevin is rider #904.

Best of luck Kevin!

Organized by the Medicine Show LLC, the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge is based on the Lakota Sioux principal of WOLAKOTA and the event celebrates all that is pure and powerful in the warrior spirit.

A warrior isn’t just a soldier who protects and defends… They are mentors, guides and teachers. They set the example for others and lend strength to the people. The stronger the warriors become – the stronger the people become.

The Medicine Show LLC shares a vision of strong warriors who are ready to lead the way with virtues like RESPECT, HONOR, INTEGRITY and COMPASSION. We promote the Challenge with the primary objectives of:

1 – Raising awareness for social issues while sending Challengers through some of the most beautiful places in North America.

   2 – Inspiring a willingness and desire to accept personal accountability with a sense of duty and principle; to cultivate wisdom, community and compassion and to display and foster respect, harmony, peace and friendship.

3 – Creating an army of warriors with the strength to face adversity; the character to make sacrifices and the desire to come to the aid of others in need.

   4 – Empowering others to overcome obstacles that have physically, mentally or financially challenged them and know they are not in it alone. We are the vehicle that’s helps move them forward and refocus them toward success. 

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