Before You Ride Read These Safety Tips First

Are you ready to embark on your first motorcycle ride of the season? Read this for safety tips that will ensure you have a smooth ride.                          click here for service


Inspect both tires for holes, cracks, and foreign objects. Keep in mind that small cracks can signal big problems, so do not dismiss them as harmless. Now that you have checked the shape of the tire, check the air pressure and add air, if needed. If you do notice damage to the tires, call our Service Department now during our Dunlop Tire Promotion. Not only will you get up to 15% off two tires, but also a $50 gift card. Call now for complete details 610.916.7777.


If you trickle-charged your battery during storage, it should be ready to go. If not, make sure your battery is fully charged and reliable before depending on it for your first ride. Whether charged or not, check your battery for signs of wear and clean off any corrosion. Also take note of the date code on your battery. Even a battery on a tender has a shelf life and any battery that fell below 10 volts could have a bad cell. Not sure if your battery is good? Stop by our Parts Department before April 30 and receive a free Battery Health Check and 15% off with the purchase of a new battery.


A motorcycle helmet is not a novelty. Your helmet is a serious piece of safety gear and should be carefully selected. While we strive to make Harley-Davidson helmets great looking, our primary concern is the protection they provide our riders. Manufacturers and the SNELL Foundation recommend you replace your helmet every 3 to 5 years, depending on use. Remember a helmet is designed for only ONE impact. Are you ready to replace that helmet? During April you can trade in your old helmet for a $20 credit towards a new Harley-Davidson helmet. Stop by our General Merchandise department for details.

Also remember to test your entire bike’s moving parts, fluids and electronics. If you have any questions please contact Classic Harley-Davidson and remember we always have educational classes you can attend! Check out our events calendar and sign up today!