Cow Pie Poker Run- Sunday, July 12th

This Unique Ride SCREAMS Berks County to the fullest! 

WIN $100 Classic Gift Card!
Chase “Clomper the Cow” around town.  We’re keeping the destinations a secret, but we’ll give
you some hints…they’re all COW RELATED!  One stop will include the best Ice Cream around.
One stop will be sure to have any, and all of your bovine needs.  You’re not going to want to skip this stop because you’re whoopie pie will be issued here!
 Another poker card stop offers 24 different flavors of Adult Milkshakes.  
 There will be other ways to get a full hand…and extra cards!  Lets just say don’t get any real cow pie on
your boots in the process!  When the ride returns to Classic Harley …that’s when things get MESSY!  
Each rider will get a chance to “Cow Flop-Pitch” their Whoopie Pie into a Cornhole Board for a
chance to win extra cards.  Best hand wins a $100 Classic Gift Card
Sunday, July 12th
HOW TO SIGN UP: Sign up @ Classic by Thursday, July 9th for $5 / Bike   – additional $5 / Passenger  (proceeds benefit MDA).
After Thursday July 9th, sign up at Classic for $10 / Bike – additional $10 / Passenger.
11am check-in at Classic (Must be back by 2pm)
Food Truck: 11:00-3:00pm Good Guys Chicken & Fries- The best Chicken you’ve ever had!