Carvin’ up Classic- Elite Motorcycle Skills Competition

Carvin’ Up Classic- Elite Motorcycle Skills Competition

Where: Classic Harley-Davidson 983 James Dr., Leesport, PA 19533

When: May 23rd , 24th & 25th 

It’s time to dust off the Winter cobwebs and fire up your motorcycle. Carvin’ Up Classic is your first opportunity to hone your skills and compete against others in preparation for the upcoming riding season. Showcase your riding skills through challenging patterns in several divisions from Novice to Expert. ​Active Duty Motor Officers on unit motorcycles compete for FREE…All others, $65. 

Carvin Up Classic Elite Motorcycle Skills Competition

Registration for Carvin' Up Classic

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This competition is limited to 30 participants which include Police and Civilian riders. Having 30 participants will allow additional practice time and less waiting to get into a riding pattern. Categories include Police, Civilian Expert, and Civilian Novice.

Civilian Novice riders will practice in their patterns first, followed by Police and Civilian Expert riders. The Civilian Experts will compete on the Police courses.

Prizes will be issued for the following categories:

Prizes will be issued to 1st – 3rd places in the “Skills/Speed Course” for each of the Civilian Novice, Civilian Expert, and Police categories.

There will also be a prize issued for:

– Overall Top Rider in the Skill/Speed Course.

– 1st Place in the Slow Ride.

– 1st Place in the Challenge Course.

Again, space is limited so make sure to sign up for this first riding opportunity of the year. Proceeds will benefit local animal shelters and trainers.

Registration for Carvin' Up Classic

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Vendors, Activities, and Schedule info to be released soon!


Carvin' Up Classic Day 1 Event Info

Carvin' Up Classic Day 2 Event Info

Carvin' Up Classic Day 3 Event Info

Registration and Release

1. Registration fee will be $65.00 per competitor.

2. All competitors shall sign a Release / Waiver of Liability form prior to practice or competition.

3. All competitors shall have insurance. Government agencies will be considered self-insured.

Rules and Regulations


2. All Riders must attend MANDATORY Riders meeting scheduled prior to the competition. Failure to attend will result in disqualification of the rider from the competition.

3. Riders must compete on a motorcycle of at least 1000 cc’s that is equipped in the normal deployment configuration as delivered from the factory. However, original equipment saddlebags, saddlebag guards, lights, engine guards and windshields must be present on the motorcycle. 

4. Motorcycle instructors will be required to ride in the Motor Officer Expert Division.

5. Riders’ placement in the Expert/Novice may be changed based on the riders’ ability. The rider may be moved from either class, up or down, on the recommendation of the rules committee.

6. Riders must wear a properly fastened D.O.T. approved helmet, full-length pants and over the ankle shoes. Gloves and long sleeve shirts are suggested while on the course. This also includes the practice day.

7. Registration placement numbers shall be properly affixed to the headlight of the riders motorcycle prior to entering the course. Wristbands will be issued to all participants. The wristband must be in place in order to enter the competition area unless escorted by a member of the event staff.

8. Riders are responsible for maintenance and repairs of their own equipment. Should a rider experience and unexpected malfunction he/she will be allowed 15 minutes to repair or replace a motorcycle and continue participation. (Riding order may be altered if necessary).  Once a rider starts an event, excuses for breakdowns will not be allowed.

9. Any person(s) injured shall immediately report the incident to event staff.

10. Anyone who displays or engages in unsportsmanlike conduct as determined by the competition committee may be disqualified from the competition. All judge’s rulings are final!

11. As safety is of paramount concern, all riders moving from one area to the next must do so at idle speed or not more than 5 miles per hour as appropriate or risk disqualification from the event.

Registration for Carvin' Up Classic

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