Chatty and Chili- HUGE Take-Off Parts/Pre-Owned Bike Sale 02/02

Please join us on Saturday, February 2nd for our Chatty and Chili Event from the hours of 9am to 5pm.

We’re kicking off the day with a HUGE Take-Off Parts and Pre-Owned Motorcycle Sale. 

Take-Off Parts Sale at Classic Harley-Davidson

The Take-Off Parts Sale is like “Flea Market” meets “American Pickers” with all the deals flying around that day on our Take-Off Parts.

We’re also wheeling out all our Pre-Owned bikes and marking them with prices you can’t beat! Now’s the time to strike if you’ve ever wanted a bike but just couldn’t pull the trigger.  OR, if you’ve ever wanted that extra bike just to get around town’s your chance. 

Chatty Monks Beer and Award-winning Chili at Classic H-D 

Chatty Monks and Blankets of Hope at Classic Harley-Davidson

Blankets of HOPE is teaming up with Redner’s Warehouse Markets and Chef Tim to make over 2 tons of his award winning chili.  All proceeds benefit Blankets of Hope to help take the Chill out of winter for those in need.

Swing on out to Classic H-D and buy a bowl of that delicious chili for just $5! When you get thirsty- grab a Classic Collector’s Cup for just $10 and get unlimited Chatty Monks Beer sponsored by Chatty Monks and CBL Apparel.

Crazy Classic Carl the Groundhog is visiting Classic H-D.

Crazy Classic Carl the Groundhog


He’s Punxsutawney Phil’s lesser known- but a ton more fun cousin. Starting Monday, January 21st and running through Friday, February 1st– each morning Crazy Classic Carl will give a question on our FACEBOOK page to answer. If you correctly answer-you will be entered to win a FREE 32 oz. quart of Chef Tim’s famous chili. One winner will be picked each afternoon out of the correct guessers.

Carl will have a very special question for you to answer on at the event on Saturday. If you answer correctly- you’ll be entered to win a $200 Classic H-D Gift Card. The drawing will be held at 2:30pm. Carl will also be on hand pose for a Free Take-Home Photo with you and your family from 12-2pm.