Class Harley 20 Years Strong

Scavenger Hunt 05/24 to 05/27

The hunt is on!

Scavenger Hunt at Classic Harley-Davidson

Welcome to the Classic H-D Spring Scavenger Hunt. This year’s scavenger hunt will span several counties and will show you some amazing locations!

Registration is free and can be done anytime during dealership hours on Thursday, May 24 through Saturday, May 26.  The scavenger hunt will conclude at the end of our Dealer Demo Ride Event on Sunday, May 27th at 3:00pm.  After completion, tickets will be handed out and prizes will be chosen/awarded. Feel free to stop by on Saturday (if you finish early) or Sunday to verify your scavenger hunt photos and collect your tickets for our amazing 5 raffle items which include great prizes like a Harley-Davidson Grill Set, Insulated Picnic Tote and Collapsible Chair bundle.

The locations are in a mixed order and each location has been assigned a Point Value. Your mission, if you choose to accept, is to find as many items on the list and return by Sunday, May 27th at 3:00pm. Every location found and verified by picture will be awarded points. Some locations will have a higher point value. Bonus points may be awarded to those that are creative in their photos! All members of groups will receive the same number of tickets to win prizes.  At 12:00pm on all four days a mystery location will appear on our Facebook page. These mystery locations will be worth 125 points each.

• You will receive 3 tickets just for Registering. You will also receive a FREE $10 Food Truck Voucher which can be used anytime during the Dealer Demo Ride Event.

• After achieving 1,000 points you will receive 5 bonus tickets.

• You will receive an additional 2 tickets for each additional 100 pts earned after 1,000.

• Tickets can be used to win prizes at Classic Harley-Davidson on Sunday, May 27th from 3-5pm.

• Tickets will not be physically handed out until completion. Prior to completion they will be added to a scoresheet.

Side note: some destinations have an entrance fee. The hunt items are not always inside! 

This event is to have you #RideMore and enjoy the sport of motorcycling.


Be social and share your photo’s/adventure on social media. Please use the hashtags #CHDofReading or #ClassicHarleyDavidson.

Have Fun! Enjoy your adventure!