Food Truck Throw Down & Cow Pie Bingo 8/15

Poker Run Check-in 11am – Return to Classic By 1:30pm
Music from 12pm-3pm
Magician Matty Whipple between sets
Ice Cream Eating Contest 3pm
Cow released onto bingo board 3:30pm

Let’s just say – we’ve been cooped up for way too long and it may have gotten to our heads. It’s time to get outside and have some fun. Get ready for Berks County’s CRAZIEST event in two years.

We’re pairing our annual Food Truck Throw Down with Cow Pie Bingo!…don’t worry, the two will be socially distanced!
…Is there anything more “Berks County” than cows and food trucks?

Join us at Classic Harley-Davidson on Sunday, August 15 for a full day of family fun. This fun filled day has three great events and kicks off with the Cow Pie Poker Run. This cow-themed tour will chase Clomper the Cow around Berks County while picking up cards to complete your poker hand. If your hand wins you’ll receive a $150 dollar gift card to Classic. – All vehicles welcome and each participant automatically receives a Cow Pie Bingo square which could win you $500. More on that later!

Then MOOOOOOOOOve on over to our training lot and partake in some of the area’s most unique food at the Food Truck Throw Down from 10:00 – 4:00.
We’ll have music by Lil’ Rague (set up right next to the pasta truck), games, raffles, Magic by Matty Whipple, the dairy princess, an ice cream eating contest, and ohhh yeah, COWS!

Then grab a burger, bbq, and a beverage while you shake, cattle, and roll-on-over to buy your square for Cow Pie Bingo thanks to Tompkins Vist Bank. This is where things get “Udderly” ridiculous!

We’ll have our favorite bovine cruising around on a gigantic BINGO grid and the first square to get a “Deposit” wins the owner $500. That’s no BULL! The best part is that all money raised goes to the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA).]

You might think we’re “out to Pasture” and you may be right…

Come hungry or don’t come at all… and if you’re lucky…you may just win $500. Just be sure to wipe your feet before you get home because we guarantee you’ll have fun…We won’t Steer you wrong!


*** Cow pie bingo numbers will be texted to you prior to the event. Please keep an eye on your phone so you don’t miss your number!***