Harry Knerr Shares His Most Memorable Rides With Iron Butt Magazine

Harry Knerr, Classic Harley-Davidon’s Parts Manager was featured in Iron Butt Magazine to discuss the memorable rides that brought him to Gold Mile Eater status. Eighteen of his 63 certified Iron Butt rides were Gold or Extreme Challenges. Harry states, “I have a great time on every ride…some are harder than others, but overcoming the challenges is what makes the ride fun.”

What is his most memorable ride? Harry said the Ultimate Coast to Coast from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Key West, Florida. Not an every day sight, Harry was questioned by the Alaskan natives about his quest, and enjoyed sightseeing 20-plus hours a day.

Harry attempted the Border to Border ride in 24 hours twice. His second time included rough patches of construction Cincinnati, Ohio, as his trip started at Windsor, Ontario, Canada and ended in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. Harry said riding alongside the traffic in the rain felt like someone ripped the handlebar out of his hands as his bike slipped and flipped sideways on the blacktop. Harry and his riding buddy were okay, but they definitely had a new outlook and appreciation of life.

Other favorite roads and destinations are National parks like the Yosemite Glacier and Zion; US Highway 50 across Nevada; and The Million Dollar Highway (US Highway 550) in Colorado.

Harry mentions that he never leaves the house without an extra pair of riding gloves, jumper cables, electrical relays, and his insulated Camelbak. He also suggests to be very thorough when planning trips, and to map out a few different routes. Having a backup route is always a good idea incase the first route is affected by the rain. His biggest piece of advice is to always be alert. Get enough rest and make smart decisions.

Talk to Harry about his riding excursions when you bring your bike into our service department!

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