Meet Frank

My name’s Frank Young, and I’m a Salesman at Classic Harley-Davidson. I love my job. Anybody that knows me will tell you that motorcycles are my life. Everyday I get to meet people who are living the dream cage-free. Sometimes I get to help them with their very first motorcycle buying experience and that is always very exciting and fulfilling. Here’s a little bit about me and how I came to Classic Harley-Davidson.


I got my first Harley in January of 2006.  A Brand new Softail Standard.  It was the middle of December and I was really anxious to ride.  When I was picking up the bike, I saw a flyer for the Berks HOG Polar Bear club.  It was a perfect opportunity to do a lot of riding right away.  I did over 3,000 miles between January and March and placed 3rd in the mileage competition.

I was hooked.  From that day on, I determined that unless there was snow on the road I was going to be on my bike.  That was a decision that didn’t bode well for my bike.  Back then I lived in an apartment with no garage.  The bike sat on the street with a cover over it at night.  When we did get snow it got plowed in.  So, in the morning, I got up early, shoveled it out, jumped on, and rode to work.  That was when I developed the saying, “If you had time to clean it, you had time to ride it.”  I traded that bike in in 2009 with nearly 50,000 miles on it, but it looked like it had 200,000.  Harry actually used it in a cleaning products workshop that he did.
I’ve been riding since I was 16, but always on permits.  It wasn’t until I got my first Harley that I decided to take the PAMSP Basic Rider Course and actually get my license.  I had such a good experience that I decided to become a Ridercoach myself.  I taught for the program for 5 years.  It was a very rewarding experience and I recommend the states free courses to anyone who rides a motorcycle.

In 2009 I got a 2010 Ultra Classic and have had a bagger ever since.  Harry Knerr, our Parts Manager,  talked me into doing an Iron Butt ride with him back in 2007.  I was instantly bitten by that bug also and did my first two thousand mile days on that softail.  I survived the experience, but that’s how I knew I belonged on bagger.  Now I’m always looking for the next long haul.  I’ve done ___ certified thousand mile days, and just recently moved up to one of the extreme rides.  I went from here to Tennessee and back.  1540 miles in 22.5 hours.   I’m really proud of that one.

I joined the Berks County Harley Owners Group the day I got that first Softail.  I got really involved right away, eventually became an officer, and even served as the director for a few years.  I’m an avid supporter of the Harley Owners Group and our local chapter is a great bunch of people to hang out with.  In those years in the HOG, I spent a lot of time talking to people about their bikes and learning about what types of bikes and what parts and accessories made motorcycling more enjoyable for different types of people.  So when there was an opening to work here at Classic, I jumped on the chance.  Now that I’m here, I listen to stories and then use my knowledge of our bikes and accessories to get folks into the exact experience that they’re looking for.

I’d love to have you stop by sometime and say hi. Who knows….maybe we can hit the open road together.