Meet Harry

Harry is a member of the Iron Butt Motorcycle Association since 2000. He and this group are some of the World’s Toughest Motorcycle Riders. Why are we telling you this? Well, he is passionate about riding and who can bring more knowledge about parts and accessories to the table than someone who is coming up on 700,000 miles since 1990?

Harry Knerr Iron Butt Rider

Intrigued? Want more:

Harry is labeled within Iron Butt as “Titanium” having completed 60 of their rides. One of these rides was “The Ultimate Coast to Coast Challenge” from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Key West, Florida. Harry rode a total of 12,400 miles in 13 days for this trip. First, he had to get from his local home to the Alaska state line(4000 mi. trip), then across Alaska and to the Northern most tip. From there he traveled to the Southern Most Tip of the US in Key West. After completing the registered Iron Butt Trip he still had to get back home.

He also completed the Border to Border Ride traveling from Canada to Mexico AND in October 2010 or 10/10, he completed 10, 1000 miles in 10 days traveling 10,439 miles and was home every night to sleep in his own bed.

Harry was also the first Harley-Davidson rider to ride from New York to San Francisco and then back to New York in one trip. This particular trip took him 94 ½ hours and gave him very little sleep.

So how does he do this?  Well, before embarking on these trips Harry makes sure he has new tires and drive belt and he loads up his passenger seat with an extra fuel cell. He also utilizes 2 GPS systems. The one has his route loaded in while he uses the second one to find gas stations.

Visit www.ironbutt.comto search and learn more about Harry Knerr and Iron Butt Rides.

Harry isn’t alone.  Other members of the Classic Harley team have completed Iron Butt Rides; Danielle Bauder, Kevin Knerr(Harry’s son), Kevin Kodz (Owner and GM), John Panik, Mike Welsh, and Frank Young.

So, if you are looking for a wealth of knowledge, unrivaled passion for the product and the lifestyle and great stories come out Classic Harley-Davidson.