How to win a Moo Glide at Cow Pie Bingo!

3c81d0bb7dde3479961146a8001866ab_672dfff61ea0c808.jpgWhat Is A Moo Glide?

It’s a Super Rare Harley-Davidson motorcycle known also as the "Cow Glide". This vintage looking Harley-Davidson is a true head turner. In 1993 Harley made a
limited edition of 2,700 Moo Glide motorcycles. The one you could win is vehicle number 1,345 and has just 4,588 miles on it.


This bike has a throwback vibe and features classic birch white against a contrasting black and is finished off with subtle red pinstriping accents. What also makes this
bike so unique is its 'furry' brown and white leather cow-hide seats and bags with black and chrome engine trim.

Here's How It Works

Purchase your “Regular” Cow Pie Bingo Square at Classic Harley-Davidson, any Tompkins VIST Bank branch,
scan the QR Code on the flier, or go to

1 ticket for $20         3 tickets for $50
Each ticket will have a number on it which correlates with one of the 484 bingo squares on the grid.  
The first numbered square that the cow ‘deposits’ on wins the person who has that number $500 cash.

Upgrade Your Number To A Golden Number!

Classic Harley has paired with a promotional company to come up with an additional potential prize featuring
the 1993 Harley-Davidson Moo Glide. To be eligible to win the Moo Glide you must upgrade your regular
numbered ticket to a “Golden Number” for $30 per number at Classic Harley-Davidson.

1 regular ticket for $20 + $30 (Gold Number upgrade) = $50
3 regular tickets for $50 + $90 (Golden Number upgraded) = $140

There are 484 squares on the grid.  The Promotional Company will mail Classic a predetermined Golden Square
in a sealed envelope.

Potential Outcomes

- If the cow “Deposits” on a Golden Number which matches the Golden Square in the sealed envelope then the
person who has that number and has upgraded that number to a “Golden Number” will win $500 and the 1993
Moo Glide Harley-Davidson (or a $10,000 Cash Prize).

- If the person has that numbered square and did not upgrade it to a “Golden Number” then that person will
win the original $500 prize.  At that point, everyone who upgraded their numbers to “Golden Number”
status will be instantly entered into a drawing which will happen on the spot to determine which person
wins the Moo Glide Harley-Davidson (or a $10,000 Cash Prize).

ENVELOPE FROM the promotional company – THEN NOBODY WINS THE BIKE.

If the cow “Deposits” on a person’s numbered square which does not match the predetermined
golden square in the envelope, but that person had the “Golden Number” upgrade then Classic will
give that person a $500 gift card and the original $500 cash prize.

 ***In the case that the 1993 Harley-Davidson Moo Glide has been won, the winner is
responsible for taxes, tags, federal and state withholdings.

***In the event the motorcycle has not been won the bike will go up for sale to those
interested in purchasing it.  Please contact your Classic Harley Sales Rep if you are
interested in purchasing this bike prior to the giveaway.  Serious inquiries only.

For More Information about the Cow Pie Bingo Event Click Here