Performance Workshop – Sunday, December 11

Topic – Screamin’ Eagle Performance. Call now to reserve your spot 877-244-6095 ask for our Service Dept. Workshop is Sunday, December 11 starting at 10am and will include light refreshments.

Workshop presenter is Harley-Davidson Representative, Troy Krout.
Here’s a quick overview of the workshop.

    Warranty Implications
    De-mystify the icons in our literature (stop-hand, crossed flags, go light, California)
    Definitions of torque and horsepower. How are they calculated?
    Discuss all major engine components (exhaust, intake, crank and cylinders – displacement, camshafts)
    Compression and fuel
    Once we’ve built our theoretical motor, we need to manage fuel delivery. I review our SEST software.
    Review and discuss examples of real world results