Shamrock Shenanigans

Shamrock Shenanigans at Classic Harley-Davidson

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The Story

Maggie’s sister Marga ,and her sister’s husband Gred’man are visiting from Ireland. Maggie was notified by letter about the visit and the fact that Marga would be bringing Maggie a special present to bring her good luck. Marga gave Maggie a magical Pot O’ Gold.

Sometime Tuesday afternoon Maggie’s Pot O’ Gold came up missing. She last had it at the MotorClothes Dept with her. We checked our security cameras and noticed a strange person stealing the Pot O’ Gold off the counter. We used high-tech facial recognition software and we were able to identify that it was none other than Franklin Douche’bac– a notorious prankster and not-quite-successful petty thief from Marga’s hometown in Ireland. 

Franklin Douche'bac at Classic Harley-Davidson

In Douche’bac’s hurry, he accidently spilled some of the gold coins during his getaway- possibly leaving a trail to his whereabouts. Marga and Gred’man believe if they follow the trail of spilled gold coins, it will lead them to Douche’bac- and the missing Pot O’ Gold.

The Game

Marga and Gred’man need your help finding Maggies missing Pot O’ Gold.

Each morning from Wednesday, March 6th through Friday, March 15th, we will release a picture of the gold coins Douche’bac spilled in the dealership on our Facebook page. If you can correctly guess the location in the picture and help Marga and Gred’man get to the location – you will be entered to win a daily prize pack featuring a Lucky Gold Coin, a $10 Classic H-D Gift Card, and 3 tickets to the US Army Field Band at the Santander Performing Arts Center on Sunday, March 17th.  One daily winner will be randomly chosen each afternoon out of the correct guessers. The daily winner will also be entered in our Grand Prize Drawing which includes Dinner for 2 at Ganley’s Irish Pub and a $100 Classic H-D Gift Card. The Grand Prize Drawing will take place in the afternoon on Friday, March 15th.

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St. Patricks Day Party at Classic Harley-Davidson
*The Lucky Gold Coin is from Maggie’s Pot O’ Gold and is sentimental and invaluable. The Dinner for 2 at Ganley’s Irish Pub is valued at $60.