Christmas Code Breaker CONTEST:  The case of Santa’s missing engine!


The Back Story:  With the growing number of the world’s population and the increasing amount of gifts Santa has to deliver he’s going to need a little extra boost this season!  So, Santa turned to Classic Harley-Davidson and its crew of Service Technicians to build him a state-of-the-art super engine for his sleigh!  He didn’t want just any engine…he wanted to keep it CLASSIC so with the help of our Service Specialists we designed this baby off of an enhanced 1911 F-Head Harley engine.  This will surely give Santa’s sleigh that extra pick-me-up to get him around the world in one night ensuring the delivery of each and every gift. 

ON MONDAY…The Plot Thickens:  BUT WAIT…the engine goes MISSING! -and it’s up to Santa’s Lead Detective on the E.L.F. Task Force, Special Agent Klausandra with her sidekick, Gnancy the Christmas Gnome, to solve the puzzle and find out “who dunnit”!!!  Was it Pimpsy the mischievous elf from last year’s Code Breaker Contest?  Was it another character from another Facebook game we played at Classic in 2019?  OR, was it someone on the inside who may be just enough of a scrooge to ruin Christmas!???  Play along each weekday starting December 2nd to see if you can help Klausandra solve the mystery of Santa’s Missing Engine.  AND win prizes leading up to Christmas Code Breaker’s party on Saturday, December 21st from 12:00 – 3:00.

How to play:  Go on Facebook daily and identify the mystery letter which Gnancy the Gnome will be holding each day.  1.  Comment what you think the letter is under the photo.  2. “LIKE” the post.  3. “SHARE” the post.  One correct guesser will be randomly selected daily to win a Redner’s Markets $15 Gift Card and a Holiday Scratch-Off lottery ticket.  Everyone who plays will also have the chance to win a 56” Flat Screen TV at the Saturday, December 21st Christmas Code Breaker Party from 12:00 – 3:00 (must be present to win).  And see if you can guess who the culprit is based off of the letters to see who stole Santa’s Engine!


Keep an eye out for more information about the Christmas Code Breaker Party on 12/21 @ 12-3pm.