Al H.

Classic Harley-Davidson’s got my business. I found the Dealership when I took a Ride Like A Pro lesson with Shane Eckert. The bike, was new to me and I wanted to build confidence. While my riding skills improved, the bike started throwing Check Engine Codes. The off duty employees were honing their Competition Skills on a competition course in their parking lots. One of the off duty mechanics cleared the codes. An hour later the codes reappeared. The Service Manager agreed to have the codes read and further diagnose the issue. I live in Berwick, about an hour and a half to the North. I was really grateful. After testing it, the mechanic on duty took it for a test ride. He found a noise beginning in the Primary. They didn’t charge me. I had been to another dealership where I bought an alarm. It’s a plug and play install, about 10 mins. They offered to install it and flash the computer to recognize the alarm charging an hour and a half shop time, which isn’t needed. So this experience really stood out. Classic Harley-Davidson has earned my business.