All rides through Thursday, April 30 are being cancelled.   These locations may be visited at a future time at the discretion of the Road Captains.
This also includes the Polar Bear Awards since the dealership is still closed.  The tentative rescheduled date for the Polar Bear Awards is Saturday, May 23rd (which is also now SPRING OPEN HOUSE and day 3 of Carvin’ Up Classic).
POLAR BEAR MILEAGE can be communicated either via text or email to Jim or Robin.  Please include your name and a photo of your VIN and ODOMETER!  You can send now OR by April 26th at noon.
Jim – jarndt@comcast.net      484-925-7211
Robin – RobinRides@gmail.com    610-781-0870
Your Officer Team will re-evaluate the situation again and be in touch as the Commonwealth makes decisions.
Our April newsletter is posted on our Berks HOG site.  Please be sure to visit there for the latest information from the Chapter.
Stay well everyone and stay safe!!!