Meet the Crew who carried Classic through COVID-Lockdown


Words from Classic H-D’s Service Director, Travis Meisky

I have been working with Classic Harley-Davidson for 17 years.  I grew up around motorcycles so it seemed like a logical path.  After meeting and working with the core group of people here it solidified my decision.  In all that time we faced ups and downs, just like any business.  The current state of things though had us facing an unparalleled set of challenges.   I wasn’t sure how the team would respond to the idea of pushing as hard as we could and facing those challenges head on.  I gathered everyone hastily, presented my plan, and there was no question, they were all in.  Our parts and service departments would be nothing without these people.  We have an incredibly experienced, highly trained crew.  Morale and spirits have been up the entire time and we have done an unprecedented amount of business.  I could not and would not do what we do without each one of them.  I want to extend my deepest appreciation and gratitude to Tim, Angela, Rick, Mike, Nate, Panther, Bubba, Andy, Clem, Bones, Andrew, Dale, Danielle, Troy, and Kody.  Harley has a saying that their authorized service centers provide “More than an oil change.”  For the first time I think I really understand what they mean.