T-CLOCS is the acronym for a simple but thorough pre-ride inspection plan created by the internationally recognized Motorcycle Safety Foundation – the same steps that our Service Consultant takes when a motorcycle comes in for a service visit. T:  TIRES, [...]

The showroom maybe closed, but Flat Alan is watching over the place!

  The showroom may be dark right now but we’ve been keeping the bikes fully charged.. (Thanks Flat Alan!!).  We’re doing the best we can so when the showroom opens back up we’re ready for all your riding needs!  Just [...]


It’s Time For Spring Cleaning

Stuck at home?  It’s a great time to update your bike’s cleaning kit so you’re ready to hit the road with a clean bike.  Also available through our Service Department:  Seats, Detachables, Foot Pegs, and other products that you can [...]

Look Twice

PSA: There may not be many vehicles on the road so look twice for those who are using their motorcycles as their main means of transportation.

Classic’s showroom is CLOSED until further notice

Click here for the store. Click here to apply for credit online & shop our inventory online.

At Your Service! New Hours and Information about our Service Dept

PA Inspection are only $20!

Take a look at how much fun these kids are having on their new IRONe12’s!

Happy Friday! Before the quarantine families took fresh air and family time outside for granted. They sat inside watching tv, texting and surfing the internet. Now everyone is getting outside. Take a look at how much fun these kids are [...]

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