Help Local Lende

- As part of Colorectal Cancer Awareness month our salesman – Jeremy Lende decided to help us out.  See, “Local Lende” (as he was known) lived for years in Breckenridge, Colorado where the average low in January is 14 degrees.  He takes daily cold showers, rides his motorcycle to work every day, and frankly JUST ISN’T AFRAID OF THE COLD!  He is challenging all those who are reading this to unscramble his daily words.  AND he wants to know who’s Bold enough to make a sentence from his word-mess on the last day.

Each weekday leading up to the Undy 500, Lende will put a scrambled word on Classic’s Facebook page.  See if you have what it takes to unscramble the word, then “Comment” your answer, “Like” and “Share” on Facebook.

- At the end of each day the word will be revealed and one lucky random guesser will win an Undy 500 T-shirt, roll of toilet paper, and a smiley faced whoopie cushion! 

- On the final day - Friday, 3/25, you’ll have the chance to take the unscrambled words and put them in order to make a sentence.  If you’re successfully able to do that you’ll win a prize at the Undy 500 the very next day at Classic on Saturday 3/19.