Winter Storage At Classic

Winter Storage At Classic

If you are the type of person who likes to be prepared then it's not too early to think about Winter Storage at Classic Harley-Davidson.  

We'll take care of your bike like nobody else.  Choose from three packages.  Each comes with storage in our climate controlled warehouse and with just the right TLC so that your bike is ready to hit the road - come Spring!

TIER 1*:  SUPER STORAGE - FULL SERVICE (with fluid of your choice)- 25 Point Safety Check- Fuel Stabilizer- Recall & Warranty Check- Battery Kept on Tender- Wash & DETAIL (At the time of pick-up) 

TIER 2*:  ADVANCED STORAGE - Recall & Warranty Check- Battery Kept on Tender- Wash (At the time of pick-up)

TIER 3*:  DAILY STORAGE - Daily Rate - No Service Included - Store and go as you please during business hours - Pay as you go

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