2023 Carry Over Models

It's a new year and it's time to let you know what Classic Harley has in store for its 120th Anniversary year.  

The 2023 carryover models have been released and Classic Harley-Davidson's first delivery is Wednesday, January 4th.  Stay tuned to classicharley.com and watch our social media for the most up-to-date 2023 inventory.

Click on the link below to see 2023 carryover model pricing, product information and new model year colors:



Contact our sales associates at (610) 916-7777 or https://classicharley.com/contactsales


Also, don't miss out on Classic Harley-Davidson's 25th Birthday Party on Saturday, January 28th.

That's where you can RESERVE YOUR 2023 RIDE - Indoor Poker Run - It's FREE to play and you're not committed to spending a dime.

1. GET YOUR FIRST CARD - Sit down with a Sales Associate and get all the details of the 2023 model you're looking at.  Let them know exactly what you're looking for down to the exact color.

2. GET YOUR SECOND CARD - visit the Parts Department and they'll show you what's new for 2023.   Let them know if you're looking for anything specific to add to your new Harley.  If nothing, just grab your second card and move on.

3. GET YOUR THIRD CARD - Visit the Service Department and schedule anything you may want done to your new 2023.

4. GET YOUR FOURTH CARD - Visit the MotorClothes Department and pick out that new jacket, helmet or boots you may want to compliment your new ride.  If nothing, just pick a card and move to the last spot.

5. GET YOUR FINAL CARD - You've had fun and made it this far so we're going to buy you lunch. Visit the Food Truck and get your last card.  Once you're finished eating, return to service and show them your hand.

- Winning hand wins a $250 Classic Harley-Davidson Gift Card.

- And the best part is, you're not locked into purchasing anything.  We just want you to have the earliest opportunity to get the exact anniversary year bike you want.  You can't beat this opportunity!

For more information about Classic's 25th Birthday Party CLICK HERE